KIM DARLING - Artist Statement


My work celebrates the fragile and impermanent relationships between visual perceptions, preconceptions and our world as we experience it in our day-to-day living –as well as the inherent nature of the materials of art-making.


Subtle changes and moments of interaction, perceived over time, are incorporated into the image.  When the subject of the work is another human being – who also perceives and feels and engages in the interaction – the relationship between painter and subject becomes even more complex, and these complexities are interwoven into, and recorded in, the language of the medium.

Each medium brings with it it’s own rhythm and it’s own demands.  Drawing is athletic and flexible – it’s bare-bones approach reaching directly to the core and structure of a situation.  Painting is voluptuous, demanding and greedy for time.  Printmaking processes weave together time and emotion at a cadence all their own, the hidden violence of erosions revealing never-expected situations to be tamed, exploited or scraped away – all part of producing and recording glimpses of a life.